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Welcome to, our latest web presence. 

We are Tony and Susie Locicero.

We live near Houston, TX.   I’ve been living in Houston since 1981 and Susie has lived here since 1970.  For the last ten years, traveling and working a series of out of town has taken up most of our time.

I moved south from Rochester, New York,  then home to KodakXeroxBausch and Lomb, Rochester Products, Delco (now Delphi),  and thousands of other high technology companies such as Dawning Technologies (since moved to Naples, Florida).  Manufacturing, in the Northeast, is declining rapidly due to export of technology and jobs to China, and an exodus of business to the south, and west,  for more favorable weather, cost, and taxes.

The central Finger lakes region of  New York State is really beautiful. Weather is nice in summer, spring, and fall but winter leaves a lot to be desired. Ever been in a 100 inch snow storm, level fall, not the drifts?!!  How about -10F to -50F WITHOUT the wind-chill?   Well? Gorgeous area but I bet you can guess why I moved south!!  Not as pretty in Houston,  no mountains, beautiful lakes, gorges or waterfalls but temperature is usually warm. 

Oddly, due to our work (design, evaluation, oversight, inspection, management of mass transit projects), we spend most of our time working in places like Manitoba Canada, Michigan, Indiana, Minnesota, North Dakota, Pennsylvania, and New York in winter and often get back home to Houston in August!!  Talk about snow birds in reverse!   We have also worked in California, Alabama, North Carolina, Maryland, Missouri, Arizona, Virginia, and Florida.  And we’ve traveled all of the intervening states!  (See a few of our Projects here)

We live right next to the Brazos River in Richmond TX, located in Fort Bend county just southwest of Houston.  Got deer, armadillos, possum,  raccoons, alligators, coyotes, lizards and all kinds of birds.   Fishing is pretty good in the river, HUGE catfish,  but we wouldn't eat them;  water purity does not seem to be a major priority here. Plants and trees are pretty diverse.  Eat pecans from the trees across the street,  darn, they are good.  Do you pronounce them, pecans or pecons, in your neck of the woods?  Whatever YOU call them,  they make a great pie!!    Our neighbors raise cattle and horses just beyond my back fence. 

Lots of flowers around the house.  Only freezes rarely here so don't have to move the more sensitive plants to the porch very often.  Got an ornamental fish pond out front filled with tropical fish and water lilies.  Nice attraction for the butterflies and dragonflies.  

Nice as it is, we are looking around for place in an area a bit cooler in the summer.  Will probably have to put up with some winter weather to get the cooler summers.  The Northwest or maybe somewhere in that band stretching from Arkansas to Tennessee and up through Virginia but avoiding the area in the middle. 

Did you know that one of the worst earthquake faults, called the New Madrid Fault, lies under this middle area along the Mississippi?   It encompases an area north to Illinois, Indiana, Ohio; south to mid-Arkansas;  east about a third of Tennessee and Kentucky; and west across half of Missouri and Arkansas and even a piece of  Iowa?   That this area is due for a big shake in the near future that will be much more devastating than the big California quakes?   In 1811, one quake in the area was so powerful that it reversed the flow of the Mississippi for a time and actually rang church bells in Boston?!!   Places like Memphis and Saint Louis are situated right on top of this fault.   Damage could be massive and touch more Americans than any other event in our history;  possibly many millions of people. 

We own a thousand acres of land down in Belize, Central America.  The links to Belize are worth following especially if you don't know where it is!   Awesome fishing, ruins exploration, great diving. Check it out.

Tony works for Parsons Brinckerhoff (PB Americas) but if you see something that might interest him,  he is always open to a good offer! . We are the big 100+ year old engineering firm that built the original NYC subway system. Since that time, PB has designed and built a vast number of other infrastructure items like transportation systems, bus and rail, facilities, bridges, tunnels, highways, power plants.  Odds are that you have probably used a product we designed and built without knowing who created it. You may even use it daily.

Susie handles our travel details and works hard at making our homes away from home livable. Many of our contracts last for 6-12 months.  We travel with 4 computers and all accessories, three digital cameras, a couple of Palm TXs, two Tivo units, Bose sound, three cell phones, a full office, a full kitchen (we love to cook), clothes for the changing seasons, scrap booking supplies, lots of books, and many other comforts!  A really big job and she does it well.  She likes to work on her scrapbooks and she crochets items for people we meet in our travels.  She managed the largest medical transcription service in Houston before we took to the road.

We both enjoy travel, gardening, fishing, good books, computing, cooking, painting and photography..

See Tony’s resume here:  RESUME   You can reach him at or Susie can be reached at

We hope that you enjoy the site.  We will share a little information that might be of interest. 

 If you have any questions, or suggestions,  feel free to send us an e-mail.  We use Mozilla, SeaMonkey, Firefox, IE, Opera and Netscape.  We also have access to Netmeeting and all of the IMs if you want a face to face.  Add into that Facebook, Linkedin, and all the others, and we are well connected.